Hummus at Basil Mediterranean in Midwest City Oklahoma

Basil Mediterranean Cafe: tasty tzatziki and more

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Basil Mediterranean

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6620 E. Reno
Midwest City, OK 73110

Exterior of Basil Mediterranean in Midwest City Oklahoma

Despite its so-so location and reincarnation from a former fast food restaurant, Basil Mediterranean Cafe is worth your attention, offering delicious food at a good value. While I’ve enjoyed all the food I have tried at Basil, I’m hooked on the Tzatziki sauce. It is lick-the-container good. They do sell the sauce separately, but I never buy it to take home because I don’t trust myself not to eat it all! Compared to other Greek restaurants their sauce is rather thin, but the crisp herb and yogurt flavor more then makes up for the consistency.

The gyro ($3.95) and gyro platter ($8.75 – see a pic) are both top picks at Basil. The tender gyro meat is spiced very well and cooked just right. The gyro sandwich is so packed full of meat there is barely room for any lettuce, tomato or onion. The western version ($4.25 – see a pic), which adds sautéed onions and peppers, makes for a tasty change from the original. The platter is large enough to share and includes fries or rice along with pita bread, lettuce, and a huge bowl of tzatziki sauce. The fries are average; I prefer the rice but it can get dry.

My favorite appetizer is the falafel. It is crispy on the outside and the seasoned chickpeas, while soft inside, still have texture. The falafel can also be ordered wrapped up in gyro form. Basil serves a lot of good appetizer choices, but if you can’t decide between hummus, falafel, or spanakopita (good but greasy) a great option is the veggie sampler ($7.95 – see a pic) which includes these three favorites in addition to grilled asparagus, dolma and tzatziki sauce. The sampler is large enough to share with several people and can be a good meat-free meal option.

The décor at Basil is a bit stark; however, they have at least made some effort to improve upon the former fast food feel. The interior has murals on the walls, curtains on the windows, and a television — all to provide a more welcoming sit-down experience. If you dine in, everything is served on real plates with real silverware and they bus your table when you are finished. This is a very nice touch and ensures that the tables are clean. Whether dine-in or take-out all drinks are in Styrofoam cups.

I have found the ordering process to be a bit frustrating; however, after a few visits it becomes easier. The difficulty is with the lack of detail on the large menu over the ordering counter. To find out what comes on a platter or gyro you must view the smaller menu that is taped down to the front counter. The problem is you can’t see that smaller menu until you are at the front of the line and once you are there, you are holding up the line of customers while trying to make your decision. It can be a pressure-filled moment, so one good option is to get familiar with the different choices using their online menu before you go.

It’s no surprise that Basil Mediterranean Cafe usually has a line, because a line is a sure sign of great food. Between the crispy falafel, overstuffed gyros and flavorful tzatziki sauce, you’re sure to find something you’ll love here.

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Veggie Sampler at Basil Mediterranean Cafe in Midwest City OklahomaHummus with Pita at Basil Mediterranean Cafe in Midwest City OklahomaWestern Gyro at Basil Mediterranean Cafe in Midwest City OklahomaExterior of Basil Mediterranean Cafe in Midwest City OklahomaGyro Platter at Basil Mediterranean Cafe in Midwest City Oklahoma

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  • Tim says:
    October 21st, 2011 at 12:45 am   

    Made it out to Basil earlier this week. Really enjoyed it. I agree wholeheartedly on the Tzatziki sauce. That stuff is great. Goes weill with everything. I also found the interior of the restaurant to be very pleasant and comfortable and the service was very friendly. I even got a free sample of their Tomato Basil soup since I was a first timer. The soup was great.

    It’s a bit of a drive for me but it will definitely be on my list for when I’m over on that side of town. Great find, Danielle!

  • Meg says:
    June 7th, 2012 at 9:04 am   

    Danielle’s review is absolutely spot-on! Everything I’ve had at Basil has been excellent – their salads are fresh and crisp, their chicken is most and flavorful (so often chicken kabobs are dry – that’s not the case at Basil), and their falafel is probably the best I’ve ever had. No matter where you live in the metro, if you’re a fan of Greek food, this place is definitely worth the drive!

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