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Mission statement of Coolgreens: Through our vision of fresh, healthy, custom made food, Coolgreens is focused on becoming the most convenient choice for healthy and fresh meals and snacks served quickly in a cool, clean and environmentally sustainable setting for lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

I would say they are well on their way to accomplishing their goals, and I love it that owners Allan McMurrain, Dr. Stephen Lee, Tom Wolfe and Marc Silver have even taken the time to create a mission statement. The original idea for this restaurant came from one of the owners’ daughters who is in school in Washington D.C. She talked her dad into coming out to see a DC restaurant she really liked, and he asked the owner there if he would be interested in opening a chain in Oklahoma City. The owner said no, but that he wouldn’t mind if he wanted to open his own restaurant using his concepts. And that’s how Coolgreens was born. FYI, one of the owners is also a partner with the very popular Big Truck Tacos, as well OKC staples like The Metro and the Coach House.

Upon entering, one must order at the counter, and one might be a little intimidated at the sheer number of selections available. This is a build-your-own salads and wraps place so the decisions can be a little overwhelming. I think I estimated about 64 choices of ingredients for salad alone. This is why I grabbed the nearest menu to select a combination that was already pre-determined. The owners said that’s exactly why they created a menu — for first-timers or for people who have trouble making decisions.

I took several friends to Coolgreens on my visit to celebrate Mom’s birthday, and so we got to sample a good variety of entrees. From the seasonal menu, I chose the Greens Margarita flatbread pizza ($7 just for pizza or $11 with a side salad), which was topped with grape tomatoes, fresh garlic, mozzarella, basil and extra virgin olive oil. I chose the Greek salad as my side. Both the salad and pizza were more than I could eat and very fresh and tasty. The flatbread is not your standard pizza crust, but is probably way more healthy.

My friend Ali chose the Southwest Spicy Chicken Wrap ($9) which contained greens, roasted chicken, avocado, poblano, corn, cumin, black beans, red onion, blue corn tortilla chips and queso fresco cheese. It was as good as it sounds and more than she could eat.

Sue Ellen chose the Ahi Tuna Nicoise salad ($11). It was a beautiful looking mixture of greens, arugula, grilled ahi tuna, fingerling potatoes, pickled onion, grape tomatoes, snap peas, kalamata olives, capers and boiled egg with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Susan tried the Plaza Skinny salad ($9) containing arugula, roasted chicken, sliced avocado, bean sprouts, capers, sun-dried tomatoes, hearts of palm and toasted sunflower seeds.

A side note to all of you soda drinkers — they don’t serve it here. But there is a wide variety of teas and homemade smoothies.

A lot of Coolgreens’ produce is organic. The produce that is not organic is locally grown. They have a goal to go completely organic, but say there is a little ways to go before it can happen.

One of their mottos is “Your body, our world.” This comes into play not only with healthy choices for food, but also in how they constructed the actual restaurant. The plasticware is made from compostable potato skins. The floor is made of cork. They have used LED lights to complement the natural lighting. Kudos to the owners for being green all the way around, even down to using ionized water to clean the tables, as opposed to bleach and other chemicals.

So, if you’re a man and reading this review, you may question whether a green, organic, salad place heralded by four ladies is right for you. I can only tell you that one of the biggest surprises the owners say they have seen is the number of men who frequent the place. Though they originally thought their target market would be young to median-aged women, it turns out most everyone is looking for healthy alternatives to dining out these days.

I will also say that our site owner, Tim, told me that a bunch of guys he works with considered Coolgreens to be a little pricey and the portion sizes small. I’m not sure how it’s possible to consider these portions small, but perhaps if you’ve got a huge appetite, that might be a factor. As far as the price, I consider it a good value for what you get.

Regardless, I think Coolgreens is at least worth your attention for the unique approach they’ve brought to Oklahoma City. Try it out for yourself, and let us know what kind of salad combination you came up with!

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Coolgreens on Urbanspoon

Coolgreens on Urbanspoon

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  • Bri says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 9:15 am   

    Love, love, LOVE this place! There is also a new location on May near Cafe 7.

  • Tim says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 9:26 am   

    Thanks, Bri. I had the info on the other location but forgot to include it. I’ve added it to the top of the review.

  • Kacy says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 9:44 am   

    I’m so glad to have CoolGreens in OKC, we needed a place like this. I’ve been dozens of times and have always enjoyed my meal. I didn’t know they used so many green practices though, so that was cool to find out.

    They do serve Izzie soda I believe, as well as beer and wine. And the froyo is delicious as well.

    Thanks for the review!

  • David Glover says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 11:09 am   

    This place is just great! The new one on May North of Memorial is just as good. It is like your mouth just took a refreshing shower after eating here. You missed one of the coolest parts – Best Hand Drying Experience in the City! They have a Dyson AirBlade that blasts a cool 400mph air across your hand!

  • Tim says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 1:04 pm   

    David – haha, Dyson AirBlades are awesome! You know what other OKC restaurant has them – Cattlemen’s. Can you believe that? I saw them there the other day. Quite a different atmosphere but the AirBlade is fun nonetheless.

  • Kaylee says:
    June 4th, 2010 at 3:45 pm   

    Love this place! The only issue was the crowd, just like Saturn Grill, if you don’t get there by 11:30 you will be in line for a long time and there is limited seating. The food was delicious though…I really liked the coolgreens couscous that came with my wrap! Will be going back for sure!

  • Chris J says:
    June 11th, 2010 at 12:54 pm   

    Went for lunch today. Had the Bahamian Jerk wrap which was chicken, veggies and jalapeno-lime vinegarette w/ a small white chicken chili. Both were very good. I favored the chili over the wrap. Total cost was just shy of $11.

    My only problem with this place as is most places in this area are Nichols Hills diners. I’ve never been to a place where everyone around you finds something to gripe about in anything. Other than the surrounding company, this place was fantastic.

    4 stars.

  • Hillary says:
    June 13th, 2010 at 5:45 pm   

    I love the food and atmosphere. My only complaint is it is pricy for deli-type food. The price won’t keep me from going on occasion, but it will keep it from being a favorite.

  • Kevin says:
    June 16th, 2010 at 9:10 pm   

    The pricing seems in line, unless the portions are uber tiny, and that isn’t indicated in the review. Guess it’s time to salad up and give it a try.

  • Amanda says:
    June 20th, 2010 at 2:01 pm   

    I absolutely love this place, wish it had been here when I first moved to OKC 4 yrs ago. The prices ARE in line with what you get, especially given they buy organic and/or support locally grown farmers and have an enormous selection of options, many of them of a “gourmet” caliber. I’ve found the portions at 95% of OKC restaurants to be double to triple what a serving size is (i.e. dinner entrees that are as much as my entire daily caloric intake!) so if anyone is complaining about the portion sizes, especially at lunch, they have a very warped perception on how much they should be eating. I love the environmental responsibility, coupled with nothing but healthy options on their menu, especially choosing to omit nasty, chemical and sugar-laden sodas.

    I’ve already been in 6 times and live down in SW OKC, so it goes to say that we really love it to make the trip! Keep up the good work and glad to hear there will be another location in the city popping up!

  • Elegy444 says:
    July 19th, 2010 at 3:47 pm   

    The Asian Shrimp wrap is fantastic. If you are going for lunch, beat the rush by arriving no later than 11:30AM. Anything later is usually a 10-15 minute wait to order.

    The acoustics are kind’ve crazy too, its very loud inside.

  • Karen says:
    July 25th, 2010 at 5:48 pm   

    After having looked forward to eating there, I went the first time today for lunch and was extremely disappointed. The soup made my stomach cramp very quickly and the salad was overpriced for what was gotten. My lunch would have been much better at Jason’s Deli (30 organic items on salad bar, at Panera Bread, or even at 105degrees. The acoustics were bad, the place was noisy and I could hardly hear the person I was with. All in all, it was a bad experience and I will not be returning. The food is much better in many other establishments in OKC and I’m not happy paying almost $14 for 1/2 salad and a cup of soup – neither of which tasted good. Couldn’t wait to get out of that place!

  • Debbie says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 9:58 am   

    I love Cool Greens. The Asian Shrimp salad is so good – I usually can’t resist that so I still haven’t made my own yet. Back on the fall I had a seasonal soup/salad combo. I am not a big soup fan but I loved the pumpkin soup. My husband thinks the wraps are too large – he ate there alone once and brought 1/2 home for me to eat later. We both like the flavored iced green teas and the wonderful yogurts/sorbets. We agree that the one big compliant is the same as for the Saturn Grill space too small for the crowd – you just have to watch your timing.

  • Lori says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 3:53 pm   

    I heart Cool Greens! The portions, the quality, the focus on organic produce, the wide range of ingredients make Cool Greens prices worth the money. I also love their fresh organic approach to the design of the interior. The chairs are bamboo, the floor is cork. Even the paper cups are made of recycled paper. For the food, my favorites are the Caprise salad, the Salmon salad, and the Ahi Tuna salad. I have never tried the soup not the wraps as I simply love their salads. The crowd and parking at the Nichols Hills location was a problem when the restuarant first opened which is common with every hot trendy new dig in OKC. Now that the North May location has opened, the lines are much shorter but I still advise people to arrive before 11:30 or after 1:30 for the most enjoyable experience until the newness wears away.

  • Grant says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 6:39 pm   

    Ate lunch todY at the N.H. location. Had the salmon wrap and veggie soup. That salmon wrap was unreal. The real kicker was the dried fruit in the wrap, really set off the flavors. Also caught a bit of “celeb” watching when Thunder player Sefalosa and his family shared the outdoor seating with us. Seemed like they enjoyed their meal as well, hehe. This might be my favorite restaurant in OKC now. Excellent.

  • amodynamo says:
    August 28th, 2010 at 11:02 pm   

    Ate at coolgreens for the first time tonight. Absolutely loved it! The food, the atmosphere, the people. Cannot wait to go back!

  • A Fresh New Take on the Traditional Salad at CoolGreens — Clearly Oklahoma City — Oklahoma City through my eyes says:
    August 31st, 2010 at 9:48 pm   

    [...] Oklahoma City Restaurants blog has their own review of [...]

  • AJ says:
    October 7th, 2010 at 5:50 pm   

    This place is so good, and what I got the first time was so perfect that I can’t stop getting it. (The Skinny Wrap, Skinny pizza, & Chicken Chili ) I’ve got to try something else, because I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  • MG says:
    February 18th, 2011 at 9:19 am   

    I think the food is delicious and portions are adequate but it is a little pricey. You’re paying Nichols Hills taxes, don’t forget.

    Servers were very accommodating and friendly. Again, delicious food!

  • Kelly says:
    February 21st, 2011 at 7:05 pm   

    Their Yogurt is Amazing!! I really like this place. Especially when I have time and the weather allows sitting on the pattio.

  • Debbie says:
    March 2nd, 2012 at 6:17 pm   

    Hands down best salad in OKC! So happy they opened one downtown so that I can walk over for lunch. I enjoy trying their Salad of the Month specials. I also got brave and tried The Tree Hugger as a wrap. I wasn’t sure if I would like the marinated tofu so I thought it would be safer to try it as a wrap. It was delicious! A little messy eating it because the dressing oozed out but really good. I love having something light, healthy & delicious to eat!

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