Kabob Platter at Kabob-n-Curry in Oklahoma City

Kabob-n-Curry: Middle Eastern flavors

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4104 N. Portland Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Exterior of Kabob-n-Curry in Oklahoma City

Tucked inside a nondescript shopping center at NW 39th and Portland sits Kabob-n-Curry which claims to be one of OKC’s only Pakistani restaurants. The menu offers some favorites you’ll recognize from other Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian restaurants, but also offers a few unique specialties. It’s all homemade, very fresh and worthy of attention, especially if you live or work in the area.

I’ve been twice now to Kabob-n-Curry, and those two visits were separated by quite a bit of time. My first visit was several years ago, back when the interior of their restaurant was extremely small. They have since expanded the dining area to a comfortable size, but on my most recent visit, mine was the only party occupying their new digs. If it weren’t for the fact that they’ve stayed in business several years already, I would be a little concerned about them as it never seems they are very crowded. However, it does seem their business is geared toward catering and carryout, so perhaps that makes up a large part of their work. I hope so because their food is quality and deserves to be enjoyed.

On my first visit, I scored a lunch combo for $4.99 that included Chicken Masala, a Kabob, two Pakora, served with rice and Naan bread (see a pic). The Chicken Masala was wonderful. It had deep, rich flavors and a lot of kick. I will say, in general, they don’t hold back on the spice here. That works great for me but if spicy isn’t your thing, you’ll need to choose carefully. The Chicken Kabob had a lot of flavor as well. The Aloo Pakora were made with potato and had a sweet flavor to complement their crispy texture. One of the highlights here is the Naan bread which is amazingly fresh and served piping hot as one, big round sheet. Some of the best Naan in town, in my opinion.

On the recommendation of a friend, I also tried the Chickpea Daal on this visit. Daal is a very interesting, thick, earthy, hearty soup. This is one of the dishes you just can’t find too many other places in town. The small size I ordered was a good portion and cost $3.99. This soup was also quite spicy so if you enjoy the heat, you’ll really enjoy the Daal’s unique flavors.

I’m not sure if they still have lunch specials like the one I mention above. On my most recent visit, I didn’t see them but I was busy visiting with a friend and didn’t look through the menu thoroughly. I will say that ordering here can be a bit of a challenge. There has been some language barrier on the two occasions I visited and the menu is very large and takes time to read through and decipher. There’s a big menu board behind the counter (see a pic) as well as a printed menu. Putting it all together and deciding on your meal can take a little time. When you visit to dine in, head to the counter to place your order. If no one is there to greet you, ring the little bell and someone will be out soon to help.

On my recent visit, I just ordered what seemed to be their main feature — the Kabob Platter ($11.75). A bit on the pricey side for lunch but it is a very generous meal including a Chicken Seekh Kabob, Beef Chapli Kabob, Chicken Tikka Kabob, Basmati Rice, Naan Bread, served with Cilantro and Chili Chutney. This selection seemed a little more standard than the unique flavors experienced previously. Still, I enjoyed it. Everything was very well-prepared and tasted very, very fresh.

I also asked for Iced Tea and was served a very, very sweet tea beverage. It was almost as sweet as Moroccan tea (like you find at CousCous Cafe) but it is served cold. Though I don’t go for sweet tea often, this was actually very good. I just can’t imagine drinking very much of it as it was extremely sweet.

In addition to the recommendation I got for the Chickpea Daal, I’ve had others tell me to try the Mutton Curry, the Biryani Rice, and the Mango Lassi to drink. I haven’t personally tried any of these items, but I’m passing these recommendations on to you since the Daal recommendation was such a success for me.

Kabob-n-Curry is a nice addition to the Oklahoma City restaurant landscape. It offers a unique take on Mediterranean / Middle Eastern / Indian cuisine and delivers bold, often spicy, flavors that are quite unique and interesting. If you’re in the area, stop by and give them a try. And please report back with your thoughts in the comments below — especially if you try some new dishes!

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Lunch Combo with Chicken Masala and Chicken Kabob at Kabob-n-Curry in Oklahoma CityKabob Platter at Kabob-N-Curry in Oklahoma CityExterior of Kabob-n-Curry in Oklahoma CityMenu board at Kabob-n-Curry in Oklahoma City

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  • Roger says:
    October 10th, 2012 at 8:12 am   

    I have tried the Chicken Biryani on multiple occasion and enjoyed it every time…. Oh, and it is a HUGE portion. Easily big enough for at least 2 and maybe 3 people.

    I had heard some grumblings recently on Urbanspoon that the quality had slipped a little but haven’t had a chance to get back over there and see for myself. Probably been about a year since my last visit. Hollie’s was still there so that tells you about how long it has been.

    Glad to hear your experience was good.

  • 300lbs of Fury says:
    September 4th, 2013 at 4:04 pm   

    Was there about 2 years ago. The food was good. Some of the patrons that were there were of questionable character. Meaning that if you haven’t been around many people from that part of the world you might be a little suspicious.

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Thank you for sharing about this gem. I would have never known!

David, left as a comment about 4U Cafe