Divine Swine [closed]

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7801 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

PLEASE NOTE: Divine Swine is no longer in business.

They always say you should do what you love. At Divine Swine, our chef’s favorite meat is pork. He loves it so much that he thought he should build an entire restaurant around it!

Chef Josh Valentine uses only the freshest ingredients. You will smell the bread baking daily and delight in the goodness as it melts in your mouth. Every dish … down to every detail has Josh’s delectable mark on it.

Even the condiments: ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard and salad dressings are made in-house, according to his private recipes.

This attention to perfection may take more time but it is a labor of love. You will see that the finest is worth the wait. The opportunity to serve you is pure joy.

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Photos from Divine Swine [closed]

The My Burger at Divine Swine in Oklahoma CityCandied Bacon Sticky Buns at Divine Swine in Oklahoma CityHoney Glazed Asian Style Ribs at Divine Swine in Oklahoma CityThe Whole Hog breakfast at Divine Swine in Oklahoma CityExterior of Divine Swine in Oklahoma CitySeared Pork Belly with polenta and beets at Divine Swine in Oklahoma City

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  • Larry Fessler says:
    January 29th, 2012 at 10:39 am   

    My wife and I had breakfast at this wonderful place yesterday (Saturday the 28 of Jan). We are both in our mid 70′s and have been all over living in numerous places and traveling as I’m retired military. Without a doubt this is by far one of the very best and I mean very best breakfast meals we have ever had. I had the “Whole Hog” and the wife had the “Biscuits and Gravy”. When a person speaks of perfection in food preparation this would be the model to follow. The chef basically makes every thing they use and sell in the restaurant including processing all of his own pork. I grew up on a farm in SW Iowa and we raised a lot of hogs and cattle so I really do know a thing or two about pork. I don’t mean to get off track but I have to make a comment about one of the diners who made a comment about their meat being pink—–well all I can say they no absolutely nothing about pork preparation in this day and age. One does not cremate pork as was the custom back in the earlier days of the last century, as those days are long gone. It is probably one of the safest meats one can eat in this day and age if not the safest. But I digress, the purpose of this note is to really (hopefully) get people who have not tried the Divine Swine to get their butts into this wonderful restaurant and give is a try. I guarantee it will only take once and you will be hooked!!!!! These are fine folks who are preparing food the way it is supposed to be done and the really know what they are doing!!!!! If you don’t go it will be your loss, because my wife and I will eat their on a very regular basis because you just can’t get food this good very often. Fresh, Delicious, Wonderful flavor and most of all a lot of hard word and TLC!!!!!!

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