Taco and Tamal Platter at Tacos Don Nacho in Oklahoma City

Tacos Don Nacho: fresh Mexican food in Southwest OKC

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Tacos Don Nacho

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3721 S. Council Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Exterior of Tacos Don Nacho in Oklahoma City

There aren’t too many restaurants over in the far southwest area of Oklahoma City. But if you ever find yourself on South Council Road near its intersection with Airport Road, or if you live or work nearby, you might want to stop in to try Tacos Don Nacho. It’s been around a couple of years, serving up some fresh and tasty Mexican fare in a very clean environment at reasonable prices.

Several of our readers have emailed me about Tacos Don Nacho ever since it opened. Everyone seemed to have great things to say about it. So, though I don’t live or work in that area of the city, I decided to make a special trip out to try Tacos Don Nacho for myself.

The first thing that impressed me is the building. It’s a new stand-alone structure, very clean and nice on the inside. The restaurant operates a counter service setup where you order and pay up front and then have a seat so they can bring your food to your table. They serve drinks for you so you don’t have to keep getting up and down to get your own refills. They also bring free chips and salsa to your table. The salsa is pretty good — a little on the thinner side, which isn’t my personal preference — but still tasty and fresh.

I would characterize the food as California-style Mexican food. Now, I make that claim loosely based on the fact that the family running the place is from California (I believe) plus a few comments I’ve heard from people who are from California who have said this place is close to the style in their home state.

The menu consists mostly of plates ranging from standards like enchiladas and quesadillas to more unique offerings like Caldo De Camaron ($8.45), Menudo ($6.19 – Saturdays only), the Taco Rico plate ($8.89) and several seafood options. They also have Taqueria-style tacos ($1.40 each), tortas ($5.10), and burritos ($4.85) with meat choices including Asada, Carnitas, Lengua, Tripe, Chicken, Al Pastor, and Barbacoa.

The tamal, rice and beans I had were all great. Again, nothing fancy, but I like this simple style and the fact that everything tastes fresh. On the other hand, the taqueria-style tacos I had weren’t my favorite. I had one with Carnitas and one with Asada and thought the meats were a little dry and the corn tortillas weren’t as good as those I’ve had elsewhere. I’m not saying they were bad, there are just a lot of other places in town (like Abel’s, Chalo’sHugo’s Taquizas and some of our taco trucks) that do a better job with this style of taco, in my opinion. These are the very small tacos, as opposed to the larger variety found at Los Comales, Big Truck Tacos, and Taqueria La Original.

I haven’t been for breakfast yet but I’m planning to try it out sometime. I love a good Mexican breakfast and the breakfast menu at Tacos Don Nacho looks great with options like Chorizo or Machaca Con Huevo ($5.65), Huevos Rancheros ($5.65), and Egg & Bean Chilaquiles ($5.40). Breakfast is served from 9am to 11:30am. If any of you have tried the breakfast items, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Bottom line, it may not warrant a trip across town, but if you live in, work in, or find yourself in the area, I think Tacos Don Nacho is worth a visit. It’s great to have a quality option like this in the far southwest part of town. There are better taquerias in OKC, but Don Nacho is unique in its part of the city and also offers a lot that you can’t get at most other taquerias.

Have you been to Tacos Don Nacho? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Get more information and see more photos on our restaurant listing for Tacos Don Nacho.

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Exterior of Tacos Don Nacho in Oklahoma CityTamal and Carnitas Taco with Rice and Beans at Tacos Don Nacho in Oklahoma CityChips and Salsa at Tacos Don Nacho in Oklahoma CityCarne Asada Taco at Tacos Don Nacho in Oklahoma City

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