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Tucker’s Onion Burgers: simple and delicious

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Exterior of Tucker's Onion Burgers in Oklahoma City

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Nicole McDaniel

As the first fast-casual dining experience from the popular and well-respected A Good Egg Dining Group (the people behind Cheever’s Cafe, Iron Starr Urban BBQ, Red Primesteak and RePUBlic Gastropub), Tucker’s has understandably garnered a lot of attention. Much has been written about Tucker’s already, but I still wanted to offer my thoughts on this new staple of Oklahoma City dining.

Tucker’s menu pays homage to the kind of simplicity that made In-N-Out Burger famous. Tucker’s offers a single onion burger (4.99, $5.49 w/cheese), a double onion burger ($6.99, $7.99 w/cheese), a triple onion burger (the “Mother Tucker” – $8.99, $9.99 w/cheese), a turkey burger ($4.99, $5.49 w/cheese) and a salad (“The One Salad” – $4.99). They also have shakes made with Blue Bell ice cream (vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry – $3.99).

Personally, I like the simple menu approach. It makes them efficient and allows them to stay focused on quality. Plus, I just happen to like their burgers. A lot.

These are onion burgers, of which I am a big fan (see a pic). Now, whenever one talks about onion burgers around these parts, one will inevitably compare them to El Reno onion burgers. Believe me, I get it. I grew up eating at the El Reno onion burger places. I love them, and I can tell you that Tucker’s Onion Burgers are not El Reno style onion burgers. But to be honest, I really don’t care. Who says an onion burger has to be made a certain way to be tasty? Tucker’s may not be making El Reno style onion burgers, but they are making tasty onion burgers that are located a lot closer to my house, and that gets my attention.

Tucker’s burgers are bigger than El Reno burgers and the patties don’t get smashed razor-thin like we’re used to in El Reno. That’s ok with me because while I might need to eat two (or sometimes, yes, even three) El Reno burgers to get full, a single burger and fries at Tucker’s gets me to a good level. I try to stick with the single burger at Tucker’s because I know it’s better on my pocketbook and my health, but the double burger is oh so good. I’ve never had the Mother Tucker, but I’d imagine it’s oh oh so so good. Maybe one day I’ll try it but for me the single is a great size with the double being there for an extra level of indulgence.

The quality of ingredients are a cut above here. First, they’re using fresh, locally-sourced, high quality beef that’s hand-formed into patties. The onions are cut thin and cooked on the meat to a good level. The buns are exceptional, sourced from the Prairie Thunder Baking Company and baked fresh especially for Tucker’s. I’ve heard some say the buns are a little too heavy or “roll-like” for them. I can understand that point of view as they are pretty substantial. This is another reason why I think the double burger beats the single by just an edge. On the single, you feel like there is just a little too much bread for the meat. But with the double, the balance is perfect.

The substantial bun also allows it to hold a whole lot of toppings without falling apart. Your choice of toppings is included with every burger (cheese is extra). My personal combination is always grilled onions (of course), mustard, extra pickles, and fresh grilled jalepenos. To me, the shredded lettuce and tomatoes just get in the way. But the pickles are a treat. These are thick-cut, high quality pickle slices. You can ask for “extra pickles” and I highly recommend that you do.

Tucker’s fries deserve some love as well ($2.59 - see a pic). The first time we visited, my wife said they were the best fries she’s had. I’ve experienced some slight inconsistency in the fries from visit to visit. Sometimes they’ve been a little overdone, but never enough to really bother me. And when they are on they are spot on — fresh-cut, fairly thin, cooked in peanut oil and sprinkled with a little sea salt. The amazing thing is you can get these to go and they will still be crispy when you get where you are going.

I haven’t had “The One Salad,” or the turkey burger so I can’t speak to those. I have had one of their shakes (see a pic). I’m no shake connoisseur, so to me it was just a shake. And at $3.99 it adds quite a bit to the price of a meal (not to mention the addition of calories) so I usually pass. I prefer my calories in burger form.

Speaking of price, I think Tucker’s is priced well for the most part. The fact that it’s served in a paper sack gives the feel of a fast-food restaurant and so, one might feel Tucker’s is pricey in comparison to other fast food options. But the size and quality of the meal here justifies the higher price tag. My standard single onion burger with cheese, plus fries and a drink comes in at just under $11 with tax (and there’s no tipping here). A little high, but there are a couple of tricks you can employ to lower your tab. Bring your cup back with you and you’ll save $1 on the drink. Use a KeepItLocalOK card and you’ll save another 10%.  Put that all together and my meal usually comes in at under $9 all-inclusive.

As with most every restaurant Good Egg operates, the building tells a good part of the story. Before Tucker’s ever opened, Good Egg invested a great deal in the restoration of the historical building it now occupies (see pics here and here). As a resident of this area, that makes a big impression on me. The vibe inside the restaurant is lively and it can be pretty loud when it’s full. I prefer sitting outside on their wonderful patio where things are a lot quieter.

My only real complaint at Tucker’s is the lack of options for kids. There is no kids menu and the burgers are so big that, unless you cut them into pieces to share among several little ones, there’s going to be a lot of waste. I don’t fault them for it as I’m sure they would add a kids menu if they thought they needed it to bring in business. As it is, I won’t be taking my family to Tucker’s, but that won’t keep me from frequenting by myself, with my wife, and with friends.

Overall, Tucker’s is a hit and a place that I hope will be a part of OKC’s dining scene for a long time. Have you been to Tucker’s yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

You can get more information and see additional photos courtesy of Nicole McDaniel Photography and others on our restaurant listing for Tucker’s Onion Burgers.

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Photos courtesy Nicole McDaniel Photography and Tucker's Onion Burgers.

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  • Cult of Nobody says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 8:04 am   

    Love the buns they get from Prairie Thunder in Mid-Town.

    Have eaten several Cheesey Mother Tucker’s and they’ve always been good.

    However on our last visit my wife’s burger was a little lacking in the burger department. It looked like it had fallen apart during the cooking process and they didn’t put all the parts on the bun. We showed it to the lady that came by and asked how everything was and she just kind of laughed and joked about it.

    The burgers are good enough It’s not the kind of thing that would keep us from going back after happening once. If it happened again there are plenty of other burger places already established or popping up around town for us to frequent.

    As good as I think Tucker’s burgers can be, when prepared properly. I still think Nic’s is the best, and most consistently prepared, burger in OKC.

  • Tim says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 8:58 am   

    Cult of Nobody – thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you mentioned Nic’s. Naturally, I’ve heard a lot of comparison to Nic’s, but to me I don’t think it’s a fair comparison.

    We’ve been touting Nic’s as the best burger in OKC for many years, and I still hold to that claim, but Nic has some serious drawbacks such as the inability to visit with larger parties, long wait times, and inconvenient hours. Nic’s a very special place, open only at certain times and with Nic always manning the grill. It’s certainly understandable and even expected that he would achieve a higher level of consistency when he’s always cooking the burgers.

    Tucker’s, to me, is a completely different restaurant designed to provide a quality experience that’s open all the time. In fact, it is one of the only local restaurants open on Sunday nights in that part of town. Any day at lunch or dinner or even pretty late into the night I can get a burger at Tucker’s. I can go with a party of one, two, four, eight and find a place to sit (most of the time). I might have to wait in a line, but it moves quickly. And I don’t have to cram myself onto a tiny little stool. I can also use a credit card, purchase a gift card for a friend, look them up on the web … etc. Plus, the pricing, as noted in my article, is pretty comparable to Nic’s for burger fries and drink (because there’s no tipping at Tucker’s) if you take advantage of KeepItLocal and the refill cups.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the experience at Nic’s. Tucker’s isn’t going to keep me from going to Nic’s, but Nic’s won’t keep me from going to Tucker’s either. I think they are very different restaurants. Nic’s has the edge on consistency and for pure burger wonder, but Tucker’s maintains pretty consistent quality (at least in my experience) while still accommodating the dinner crowd, the weekend crowd and people who have more than 2 in their party. Just my take on the comparison of Nic’s to Tucker’s and really to any other burger restaurant in town.

  • Asher's Mom says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 9:29 am   

    I’ve eaten at Tucker’s several times since it is very handy for my work and I’ve noticed that the quality is hit and miss. Sometimes they have a really good burger and sometimes it’s a falling apart mess. I’ve actually stopped going there and started going to Abraham’s, since I know that the quality will always be good.

  • CLW03 says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 1:41 pm   

    My husband and I stumbled upon Tucker’s a couple months ago and shared the mother tucker. The flavor was great but was an obvious mess to try the split in half and share (in the car as well.) we went back a while later and each ordered the single. This was a much better experience. We sat outside, enjoyed our beverages and fully enjoyed all that is Tucker’s! The buns are amazing! Most hamburger buns are not even worth talking about but Tucker’s got some nice buns for sure! The meat portioning is just right in my opinion! People compare Tucker’s to Nic’s. I’ve tried both and Tucker’s has my eternal vote! It’s the right amount of good ol messy burger mixed with great local ingredients and quality. They take their time with the food they serve their patrons. It’s not too hard to eat and you won’t feel your cholesterol raising when your done. I found myself wanting more so we went back the next week!
    Tucker’s=onion burger king! Yum yum!

  • Cult of Nobody says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 1:44 pm   

    Tim, all that is true but, I’m not comparing the business models. Only the burgers.

    And apparently Asher’s Mom has had the same issues with the falling apart burgers. So it sounds like a QC issue they should probably address.

    I didn’t mention it in my first comment but I’ve also noticed that some of my Mother Tucker’s have varied in size. I know there was a size difference between the first and second time I ate there and that was over the period of a couple of days.

  • Tim says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 2:01 pm   

    Cult of Nobody, I hear ya. And I do agree — I hope they will work to address any inconsistencies that get reported. I am glad to hear you brought it to their attention while you were in the restaurant. I always feel like that’s the best course of action. It’s unfortunate they didn’t seem to take your observation more seriously at that time. I know their team members read comments on threads like this and around the web though so I’m pretty confident they’ll see what is said here. Thanks again for sharing all your feedback.

  • Brent says:
    February 1st, 2012 at 6:10 pm   

    Here is the real deal-why Nic’s is way better-regardless of hours. You get a cheeseburger-as big as tucker’s triple-with more fries than tucker’s, and a drink with free refills for $8. The triple, fries and drink at tucker’s is about $13, and not as good, Tucker’s is overpriced. They could get me to eat the overcharge if they cooked their onions for more than 30 seconds, Their onions are way undercooked for what a great onion burger should be. Lower the price-cook the onions-then they can enter the running for the best.

  • Mary a. says:
    March 3rd, 2012 at 5:30 pm   

    I have to say..while they may be working out the links of consistency. When I went in the customer service was beyond superb and the bread was phenomenal. I’m all about local and I adore that tuckers is too.

  • Pam says:
    April 23rd, 2012 at 3:46 pm   

    My only complaint about Tucker’s is the lack of seating (at lunchtime). It’s awkward and a little stressful to have to stand around waiting for a table to open, knowing that several other people are doing the same thing.

  • Dave says:
    June 22nd, 2012 at 12:49 pm   

    Thanks for the recommendation, Tim. Simply incredible burgers, fries, and strawberry lemonade! I’m also a big fan of the Dyson Air Blade and that really cool water sprayer they use to clean the tables.

  • KC says:
    May 11th, 2013 at 11:48 pm   

    Terrific onion burger but there’s nothing really distinctive about it’s flavor. Fresh ingredients and cooked just right but it’s missing that “wow” factor IMHO. That said I encourage folks to try Tucker’s-they won’t be disappointed.

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